Outdoor Propane Gas BBQ Pizza Oven

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Outdoor Propane Gas BBQ Pizza Oven

Ao Yue is an industry-leading company specializing in the research, manufacture and commercialization of pizza oven bbq. We pride ourselves on our highly specialized production of professional pizza oven bbq with pizza oven bbq solutions at the heart of all our products. 

We always adhere to quality priority, provide high-quality products and services to meet the need of customers to the greatest extent, and bring convenience to every family.

Product Description

This all-season pizza oven bbq and grill get you cooking using regular propane. Turn the dial, start heating, and start learning the pizza-making craft. Included pizza stone and pizza peel ensure all sides are evenly cooked, safely. Discover your favorite topping combos and invite friends over for a tasty summer or fall evening.

Product Details Description

Pizza oven bbq in stainless steel design, for quick and easy baking of homemade pizzas. A small, practical pizza oven that can be used for any outdoor space and in the outdoor kitchen. The oven heats up in 15 minutes and reaches a maximum temperature of 325°C in just 20 minutes - so your family can enjoy freshly baked pizzas in less than 60 seconds. The pizza oven gas has a baking surface of 33x34 cm and comes with a cordierite pizza stone. Two grill grates are also included, with which bread and other pastries, larger roasts, gratins and fish dishes can be prepared directly in the oven.

Product Function

The top of the pizza oven bbq features a chimney lid that lets varying levels of heat and smoke escape, depending on need. Close for pizzas, open for grilling.

Create the perfect pizza crust using the included pizza stone. Able to withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees, get crispy fire-roasted crusts in your own backyard or at a tailgate.

Product Packaging

Our pizza oven bbq is exported in a special cardboard box with instructions, baking net, customizable logo and dust cover.

Our Advantages

We have professional R&D team, design team, profressional sales and after- sales team, support OEM ODM, we have our production workshop 5000 square,

our factory is 15 minute drive from the port, shipping containers are very convenient

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