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What are the functions of garage storage system?


What are the functions of garage storage system?

1. Storage function

The warehousing function is a very convenient software that can improve the efficiency of warehouse garage storage system. After all products have been labeled, when the products are put into the warehouse, they only need to use the data collector to scan them to complete the warehousing of the products.

2. Delivery garage storage system

The work of outbound garage storage system and inbound garage storage system is roughly the same. Select the product outbound in the data collector, and use the data collector to scan the barcode label of the product to complete the product outbound work.

3. Inventory garage storage system

Inventory is to check the inventory. Since the warehouse garage storage system method is implemented in the warehouse, use the data collector to scan the product barcode label, and input the product data in the data collector to complete the inventory of a batch of products. The inventory data will be real-time Transferred to the system, the system will automatically adjust the real-time inventory.

4. Early warning garage storage system

This is to set the specified safety stock by yourself. When the storage location exceeds or falls below the safety stock, the system will automatically remind you. In addition, you can also set an early warning to remind warehouse personnel when the warehouse goods are due. Deal with warehouse goods as soon as possible to reduce losses.

5. Report garage storage system

Report garage storage system is to automatically generate various quotations with various data in the system, such as profit statement, cost statement and so on.


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