How to choose a safe and comfortable Kids Backpack Bags for your child?

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How to choose a safe and comfortable Kids Backpack Bags for your child? Mainly look at these:

First, look at the labels. Pay attention to check whether the trademark, name, specification model, executive standard, name and address of the manufacturer or distributor, and the material label of Kids Backpack Bags are complete.

Second, look at the fabric. Try to choose light and durable fabrics. The weight of Kids Backpack Bags should not exceed 1 kg, and the total weight should not exceed 10% of the child's weight.

Third, look at the size. Try not to choose Kids Backpack Bags that are wider than the child's shoulders. You should choose Kids Backpack Bags of a suitable size that can hold books and stationery. The area of Kids Backpack Bags attached to the child's back should not exceed 3/4.

Fourth, look inside. It is better to have more compartments in Kids Backpack Bags. There are many compartments and easy to classify. It can guide children to develop a good habit of storage and say goodbye to neglect.

Fifth, reflective strips. In the early morning, evening and rainy and foggy weather, the reflective strips can effectively reflect light, thereby attracting the attention of drivers and pedestrians and protecting children's safety.

Sixth, smell the smell. If Kids Backpack Bags have a severe pungent smell, it is likely that the formaldehyde and lead content exceeds the standard. They are unqualified products and will pose a threat to children's health.

Seventh, look at the workmanship. Try to choose Kids Backpack Bags with soft cushioning support on the back, wide straps and filled with cushions. Such Kids Backpack Bags are more comfortable to carry without tenderness points.

Firstly, it depends on whether the supporting parts on the back of Kids Backpack Bags have been treated with soft and elastic cushioning, and there should be no convex points (edges) where the pressure is concentrated;

Second, it depends on whether the entire strap is filled with buffers in the support area, and whether the strap can be adjusted evenly and continuously with one hand;

Thirdly, it depends on whether the belt of Kids Backpack Bags is wide enough. Wider shoulder straps can reduce the pressure on the shoulders caused by Kids Backpack Bags, and can evenly disperse the weight of Kids Backpack Bags;

Fourth, it depends on whether the handle can be held conveniently and comfortably.

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