How to avoid yarn breakage of computerized flat knitting machine accessories

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The coil density of the computerized flat knitting machine is related to the density of the woven items, and the knitting system of each computerized flat knitting machine accessory has a motor to adjust the coil density. Coil density can be adjusted individually by the following areas.

(1) For different areas on the fabric that bear specific loads, such as the narrowing edge or pattern theme, the bending depth of the narrowing edge should be larger, and the NP should be about 13, because the needle bed will move laterally during narrowing, If the NP is too small, the yarn will be broken and the edge will be broken; when weaving the pattern theme, the NP should be about 12.5. When the pattern theme is a jacquard weave, the yarns will replace each other, and the NP is too small, which will cause looping or flying yarn .

(2) The yarn bending depth of a single knitting triangle can be adjusted. When the three systems need to knit with different organizational complexity, for example, the NP of one system for moving needles should be about 10.5, and the NP of twisting rope for one system should be about 12.5 (because the needle bed needs to move laterally during knitting), and the NP of one system for knitting should be about 12.5. NP should be about 11 when weft flat stitch.

(3) Multiple cam systems can be virtualized at the same time for knitting or stitch transfer. During the full-shape knitting process, there is no need to use idling to coordinate transfer and adjust the position of the yarn guide. The virtual machine head can transfer and knit one or two knitting needles, and various patterns, pockets, plackets and buttonholes can be knitted at the same time.

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