What are the precautions when using Wound Plaster

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Wound Plaster is one of the regular medicines at home. It can protect the wound to a certain extent, and the method of using the bandage is relatively simple. Therefore, many people will habitually use Wound Plaster after skin injury occurs. But everyone must master the correct use method to prevent further damage to the wound due to improper use of Wound Plaster. So what are the precautions when using Wound Plaster?

First, master the indications of Wound Plaster. Generally speaking, Wound Plaster is only suitable for hemostasis of acute small wounds. Wound Plaster can be used for smooth, clean and small incisions. If the wound is wide and deep, or even large blood vessels and nerves are damaged, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

Second, it should be disinfected before use. Some people may experience wound suppuration and infection after using Wound Plaster, mainly because the wound has not been cleaned and disinfected effectively. Before using Wound Plaster, the wound must be checked for foreign matter, and the wound needs to be cleaned with saline before using Wound Plaster.

Third, do a good job of wound protection. Care should also be taken to protect the wound during use of Wound Plaster to prevent active bleeding. Try not to move the wounded part, and don't get wet, and don't squeeze the wound to prevent the wound from dehiscence.

Fourth, it needs to be replaced in time. Although Wound Plaster has better water absorption, it has poor air permeability and is easy to breed bacteria. If the Wound Plaster gets wet accidentally, it needs to be replaced immediately, so as to facilitate the healing of the wound.

Fifth, pay attention to observe the wound. Under normal circumstances, Wound Plaster needs to be replaced every 24 hours. If the wound is found to be purulent or painful during replacement, it may be caused by wound infection, and you need to seek medical attention immediately.

Although Wound Plaster is used more frequently in daily life and is more convenient to operate, if Wound Plaster is used improperly, it will not only not promote wound healing, but may also cause some other problems. Everyone must master the correct use of Wound Plaster, and take good care of the wound during use, so as not to prolong the recovery time of the wound.

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