Is it really necessary to use Aptop Stand to use a notebook?

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The answer is definitely inevitable. Notebooks are now an indispensable office product in people's daily life. There is still a big difference between using Aptop Stand and not using Aptop Stand for this notebook. Today's office workers spend all day lying in front of the computer and working hard, which will more or less cause pain in the lumbar and cervical spine after a long period of time. In addition, the notebook will become hot and hot after being used for a long time.

Today, we will analyze why these problems can be alleviated after using Aptop Stand for notebooks.

First of all, the first point is to use the role of Aptop Stand

(1) The Aptop Stand conforms to the principle of ergonomics. It can adjust the bracket at multiple angles, raise the laptop to a suitable position, so as to relax the neck, improve bad sitting posture, and allow users to have a healthy usage habit .

(2) Use the Aptop Stand to prop up the notebook so that you have a good visual angle and save some space for placing other items.

(3) Aptop Stand adopts a suspended and open design at the bottom to increase the flow rate of air, so as to better improve the cooling performance of the computer.

(4) The use of Aptop Stand can also play a certain protective role. After the laptop is raised, even if the water glass or drink on the table is accidentally knocked over, it will not affect the computer.

(5) The Aptop Stand is small in size and easy to unfold and store. It can be more convenient for work and use when unfolded in the above situations, and the storage mode is for easy portability.

The second point is the heat dissipation of the notebook

The heat dissipation area of the notebook is at the bottom. When it is used in summer or under high load, the computer freezes due to poor heat dissipation. Many friends found that the heat dissipation effect of the notebook computer seems to be better after buying the Aptop Stand. In this case, many netizens will still have some doubts, can Aptop Stand really dissipate heat?

In fact, the use of Aptop Stand has a certain effect on the cooling of the computer. The main reason is that after the laptop is raised by the bracket, the cooling area is also raised, which increases the air intake of the cooling area and assists in cooling. The cooling effect is relatively better. Some.

However, it should be noted that the Aptop Stand only serves as an auxiliary heat dissipation function, and its heat dissipation effect is very limited. When the temperature is relatively high, the heat dissipation effect of the Aptop Stand is almost useless.

Another point is to use some problems to pay attention to

When using Aptop Stand, in order to make it more convenient to use and avoid affecting the normal use of the laptop, there are some matters that need to be paid attention to

1. When placing the laptop on the stand, make sure it is stable. If it is not flat or stable, there is a risk of sliding and scratching the computer.

2. When using Aptop Stand, the notebook is propped up, and the keyboard will be raised at the same time, which may affect the use, so if you use an integrated stand, you need to connect an external keyboard and mouse. Just adjust the height that suits you if it is foldable.

The above is to explain some functions and precautions of Aptop Stand.

Having said that, do you think it is necessary to use a stand for a notebook? The editor thinks that the stand is simply a must-have artifact when chasing dramas in the office. Using the stand can help me not suffer from cervical spine pain and allow me to work in a very comfortable posture. Improving your good sitting posture can also avoid hunchback, so friends who often use notebooks must try this stand! You'll find you can't live without it.

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